The obligatory first post

Friday, April 25, 2008

I’ve made several false starts at blogging. Each time I was excited to write but got hung up on two things: no topical focus and a lack of confidence in my writing ability.

You see, most of the blogs I read are about some topic, like software development or learning to fly airplanes. I figured no one would read my blog without that kind of focus, and I don’t want to be so constrained. I’m not an aspiring journalist trying to carve myself a niche. I just want to write.

Which leads to the confidence thing. I enjoy writing the way I enjoy playing the piano, which means I suck at it but enjoy doing it anyway, and hope one day to uncover some hidden talent. I’m really rusty and don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll need time to find my voice. But I’m through self-conciously editing my prose to the point that all the life is sucked out of it. I’m just going to write, and have fun at this, and trust that over time I’ll start to suck less.


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