Ice storm

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last night I shoveled snow for over an hour. My northern Idaho DNA must still be intact. The bottom layer of snow was just wet enough to stick in the shovel, so I had to whack it against the concrete after every scoop. The cold must have addled my wits. It only occurred to me late in the game that a clear driveway was useless unless the road was plowed, and I would need a hammer and chisel to get my car doors open.

This morning I looked out my office window and wondered if I'd stumbled into the bathroom by mistake. Who ever heard of frosted glass in an office?

Other people have the sense God gave a head of cabbage, so they stay indoors on days like this. But I had to go out and see my first ice storm up close and personal. I ventured forth to take a few photos, then found myself walking around the neighborhood. The sound of each footstep cracking through the ice echoed like a gunshot off the surrounding houses.

For the uninitiated, here's what happens to trees on a delightful day like this. I saw things like this everywhere I looked.

"White grapes" are actually supposed to be green. I don't think this little shrub got the word.

This tree is encased in ice as thoroughly as Han Solo was encased in carbonite.

Here's some more holiday cheer.

I think these plants were once a variety of tall grass. Funny how I never paid much attention until now. I wonder what they look like without half an inch of ice.

As you can see, rhodies thrive here in Portland due to the mild, temperate climate.


Birrd said...

Gorgeous photos! I love seeing how ice storms transform things. I think they're great, as long as they leave my power lines alone.

Anonymous said...

Stunning photographs, thanks for sending the link!

andi said...

Goods photos!:)
remember me to you:)

Jarodious Badger said...

Wow! Nice pictures. I even saved some of them so I can use them on my desktop.

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