Pointless meetings will kill you

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saw this today on svn:

It is certain that every organization has too many meetings, and far too many poorly designed ones. The main reason we don’t make meetings more productive is that we don’t value our time properly. The people who call meetings and those who attend them are not thinking about time as their most valuable resource.

~ Reid Hastie, Professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.
Read the article. It's short. This guy nails the root cause of a lot of misery in the world.

Someone commented at svn that time-wasting meetings aren't your problem as an employee since you get paid the same either way. I wanted to punch the guy out. Here's how I see such rationalization:

That is how the living dead behave.

Never allow anyone to waste your life by claiming it's "company time". Time spent working for an employer is still irreplaceable time from your own life. Value each minute as much as any other. If you want to learn and accomplish anything meaningful you must value every minute of your life.

If you are unable to repair a culture destructive to your life, you either have to die inside every day or go find/create an environment worth living in.


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