The Windows7 betta

Saturday, January 10, 2009

You see, in a display of uber-geekness I installed the Windows 7 beta on this fine Saturday morning, and here's how it greeted me...

... upon which I freaked out. If you're surprised, you have something in common with the Microsoft marketing droids who chose the image: you haven't read Steve Yegge's thought-provoking and downright disturbing essay, A programmer's view of the universe, part 1: The fish.

I won't ruin it by trying to summarize. Besides, nobody can summarize the "master of verbosity" himself. ;-) But as a programmer, and an aquarium guy, his writing hit me like a cinderblock. If you're not a complete nerd you may want to scroll down to "My betta". You will be amazed, and probably a little sad, and I promise you'll never see the world quite the same way again.


Ryan said...

Ok, I'll bite. :)
/me goes off to, hopefully, dodge the cinder block.

Ryan said...

Very interesting link. I don't quite have the same outlook as I'm more inclined to hardware than software, however, as a former Betta owner and marine aquarist, I can understand and appreciate his point (concerning the fish and the problems with scope/complexity).

In regard to the background image, I laughed out loud when I saw then show it to Lexi, who got a good chuckle out of it.

So how do you like Win7 so far?

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